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mini Marwari

Marwari stallion
Released in 2013
edition closed

Marwari stallion in large stablemate scale. Cast in white urethane resin.

What is a Marwari you ask? It's one of India's indigenous horses that was endangered and is now making a comeback. Read about Marwaris here, or see TONS of gorgeous photos on Manu Sharma's Exotic Marwari Horses Facebook page. .

The mini Marwari edition is now closed, but I am leaving pricing information for archival purposes

Price: $75.00
RAW* castings: $65.00 each
Shipping: FREE within the US

EDITION CLOSED Prices are for reference only!

Overseas shipping: please add $10.00 for one casting, and $2.50 for each additional casting shipped in the same box. Canadian shipping is $2.50 for 1-3 castings. Please note that full or partial payment is due within 30 days (see below)

There can be a wait of several weeks to several months before we will have your order ready to ship once paid for in full. The casting schedule is dynamic and effected by how many orders we get, how many orders are ahead of your order, and other factors. Orders are placed on the shipping list when they are paid for in full, and is viewable here.

*RAW castings are for people comfortable with prepping only! They have a belly gate, vents on the hooves and tail tips, and require extra work and experience to prep. For those who are comfortable with that you can save a few bucks, and get your csting faster since I won't need to clean the casting up before shipping.

Additional Photos:

Painted Marwaris:

Painted by Mindy Berg:
Painted by Lauren Davis:
Painted by Mel Boynes: