Rose Studios


About the Artist

SarahSarah Rose grew up on a rural Nevada ranch, 100 miles from the closest hospital, grocery store, or movie theater. To make up for the lack of modern day amusements she kept a small menagerie of animals including exotic chickens, cows, sheep, rabbits, and of course a horse. Having always been artistic she spent many math classes drawing horses and other animals and was fortunate enough to receive encouragement from her teachers, family, and friends.

Sarah took a correspondence course in taxidermy as a teenager, and was soon turning out trophies for the local hunters. This lead to the first career as a taxidermist, which she abandoned in 1990 to persue an interest in sculpting.

She moved from Nevada to Loveland, Colorado in March of 1990 and has been sculpting ever since. At first her subjects of choice were big game animals, but over the years she gradually returned to her first love of horses. In 1997 a chance encounter with equine artsit Lynn Fraley reintroduced Sarah to a hobby she enjoyed as a kid, model horses. With Lynn's encouragement Sarah re-released her sculpture "Ahab" as an artist resin. With Ahab's success soon Brioso was also re-worked and cast in resin. Soon Sarah was pursuing model horses as a full time endeavor, and with her husband Todd Speaker coming on board as the resin caster they were able to leave the crowded Front Range and move to the Durango area where they currently reside on 3 acres with 4 horses.