Rose Studios


How do I purchase one of Sarah's horses?

The first step is joining the announcement list. People on the mailing list are generally notified of new releases before the public is notified. If you would like to be included on this mailing list you can sign up on line here.

Mini Scale resin editions: these are generally 'open/unlimited' editions for a set period of time. This means that we will cast as many horses as we receive orders for. Orders are placed in the order they are paid for, not on a reservation basis. To 'reserve' one you simply have to pay for it :) More information on minis can be found in my shop.

Traditional Scale resin editions: our newest traditional scale horses arebeing sold on eBay and via lottery. To access these auctions visit our My eBay page. To be informed of upcoming lotteries, please consider joing the Rose Studios announcement list.

Finished (painted) horses: these are sold via eBay. For current listings visit our My eBay page

Where do I send my payment?

Our email address for PayPal payments is Our address for those who prefer to pay by check or money order is 1158 Bear Creek Road, Bayfield Colorado 81122. We try to email people when we receive their payments, and also when their resins are shipped out. We try to catch up on email every Monday, but some weeks there are just too many, and it takes two Mondays. Please be patient, we will get back to you when time permits.

How do you cast your horses? Who cast them?

Starting with the Akhal Teke "Khan" all horses are professionally cast by Sarah's husband Todd Speaker, with all adult traditional scale models being hollow cast. We have a roto casting machine that is the same type of machine used by other hobby casters who are doing hollow (rotational) casting. All traditional scale models also have steel reinforced legs, and tails (if the tail needs it). Our mini scale resins are solid cast under pressure to minimize pinholes. They are cast in sculpture grade urethane resin, the same type that other hobby casters use. We feel that urethane resin is the best resin for models, as it is easy to prepare for painting, and is not brittle like some polyester based resins (urethane won't shatter).

All previous horses (Ahab, Brioso, Deseoso, and Nahar) were cast in solid resin by Randy Buckler (Resins by Randy) with reinforced legs.

How long will it be before I receive my horse?

Casting horses on a small, non mass production scale takes time. Each horse gets hours of individual attention before it is ready to go to it's new owner. When a new horse is first released many people will place orders, which can cause a huge backlog that can take many months to clear. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on how many outstanding orders there are at any given time.

* Please note: Horses paid for by personal check will not be shipped out for approximately 15 working days to allow time for the check to clear the bank. To avoid delays, send a Money Order. This pertains to pieces we have on hand for immediate shipment, not on resins that are still in the casting process.

Can I have my horse shipped directly to my painter or the person I sold my horse to?

If you would like your horse to be shipped to a painter or prepper please notify me by email and supply me with the painter's/prepper's address. If you sell you horse before you receive it, I ask that you send the horse on to his new owner when you receive it from us. It can get very confusing trying to keep up with lots of address changes.

I moved and forgot to tell you:

If you move while you have an order with us, please let us know. If we ship an item and it comes back, you will be responsible to pay for shipping a second time.

I put a deposit on a resin and then moved and forgot to tell you and haven't contacted you since:

If you place a deposit on a resin and then disappear we will not try to find you to refund your deposit. "Disappear" means paying a deposit and then not making contact with us for over a year. Individual terms may vary by resin. We will generally cancel orders that have not had payments made in over a year with no contact from the purchaser. If we can find you, your money will be refunded. If you have changed your email address then it is up to you to contact us for a refund. No refunds available if there has been no contact/payments in two years.

Can I turn my horse into a mare, or a mule, or smash it with a sledgehammer?

Please feel free to alter your unpainted horse in any way. The only thing I ask is that you claim the changes as your own, and that you do not cast the resulting piece, in whole or in part. Enjoy!

I purchased a painted horse from you, can I add markings to it?

I would rather that you did not, as it alters the vision I had for the piece. Once the horse has been painted I consider it finished and don't want changes made to my work. If you want to change things then I suggest purchasing an unpainted resin and having it apinted exactly like you want it.